A Quick Guide to Water Heaters for Homeowners

Water Heaters 101

If there is one thing that people use every day but never think about it, it’s the water heater. Water heaters are necessary appliances in every home, but despite their popularity and necessity, most people don’t know much about them. It’s time for that to change!

Knowing the basics about water heaters is something every homeowner should know. This article is a quick introduction to water heaters, the options available for installation, and some tips to keep water heaters in good shape.

Common Styles of Water Heater

types of water heatersWater heaters are not showpieces in a home; they are usually in a closet or garage. So, when people refer to the style of water heaters, they are referring to the type and utility that runs them. Depending on the home’s design and the needs of the homeowners, the perfect style and utility type can be selected. The most common choices for water heaters are:

  • Gas Water Heaters: Gas water heaters are conventional water heaters that use a tank for hot water storage, only cycling on when the temperature in the tank drops too low. They use gas burners as a heat source to heat water.
  • Electric Water Heaters: Electric water heaters are also conventional water tanks. Instead of using fossil fuels to heat water, they use powerful electrical resistance coils.
  • Tankless Water Heaters: Tankless water heaters are a newer style of a water heater. They heat water as soon as they sense a demand. They reduce the cost of heating water because they don’t have to repeatedly heat stored water in a tank. They also provide endless hot water.

Water Heater Maintenance Tips

Water heater maintenance is a process that some homeowners can do on their own, but it is most convenient and effective when left to professionals. Professionals recommend that water heater maintenance be performed at least annually to increase the longevity and reliability of water heaters. Some of the most important steps in water heater maintenance are to:

  • Drain the water heater’s tank
  • Flush the tank of settled solids
  • Check the anode rod for corrosion
  • Clean burner area or remove heating elements and clean
  • Open and close all valves
  • Check for leaks

Water Heater Repair Signs

call a professional Since water heaters are so often ignored, it can be hard to notice some of the early signs that they are having problems. Too often, homeowners are left without hot water once their tank completely fails after having neglected repairs or maintenance. Some of the signs that water heater repairs are imminent are:

  • New, unusual sounds like thumping, rumbling, or hissing
  • Leaks in the drain pan or signs of rust around the tank
  • Inadequate volumes of hot water
  • Higher than normal utility bills
  • Fluctuations in the delivery temperature of hot water

When these problems are noticed, professionals should be called immediately. Many water heater failures are repairable if caught early enough. However, issues that are neglected and worsen will likely require water heater replacement instead.

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