Don’t Be Afraid of Bathroom Remodeling This Halloween

Bathroom Remodeling Doesn’t Have To Be Scary 

Licensed plumbers can help homeowners have a beautifully remodeled bathroom this year. Both floor-to-ceiling remodeling and fixture replacement are possible for a customized new look. Bathroom remodeling is recommended to raise property values while making current residents feel more at home. Professionals can help homeowners with their bathroom renovations so they are less intimidated and so that homeowners can reap the benefits of hiring a qualified plumber. 

Why Hire a Professional?

Many homeowners wonder if DIY plumbing videos will work for their bathrooms. While some of these videos may technically share accurate information, plumbing is a complex industry. A remodeling job is complicated and potentially dangerous, even with the right tools, so it’s best left to the experts.

In addition to replacing bathroom structures such as a bathtub or toilet, electrical work is usually required. If the handiwork does not meet building code standards, this will become a hurdle if the house should ever be sold. Not to mention, electrical mishaps can cause major injuries.

Planning a bathroom design takes more than imagination. The layout may affect the underlying plumbing system if measurements aren’t accurate. Without attention to detail, a bathroom structure may also increase the chances of an accident and limit accessibility. This is especially true if homeowners plan to live in their houses after retirement. 

A qualified professional has the necessary tools and experience to measure and install significant upgrades safely. This process can cause muscle strain, injury, and piping problems without the proper safety techniques or training, so homeowners should not attempt bathroom renovations on their own.

Save Money

saveDIY renovation jobs may seem less expensive, but in reality, they usually end up costing more than hiring a plumber for the job. Even a seemingly small mishap by an amateur can cause an entire bathroom structure to malfunction or more costly repairs to be needed.

If something is done incorrectly, this can cost more money to fix, and plumbers may need to be hired to fix mistakes. If a pipe bursts, the price tag is even worse. Professionals have the knowledge and experience to get things done right the first time. The right materials are needed when remodeling, including smaller items like screws. The wrong size screw can actually cause issues for an entire sink or shower. 

Pros getting the job done right the very first time will save homeowners money. Plumbers also have insurance to cover any potential mistakes or injuries. This means the homeowner will not be financially responsible for plumbers’ mistakes and won’t get stuck with additional, unplanned costs. Without insurance, a bathroom remodeling job can potentially be much more expensive.

Save Time 

timeHiring an experienced plumber to remodel the bathroom will also save homeowners time. They have fully stocked trucks with the tools and parts needed for the bathroom, meaning no time will be wasted on trips to the hardware store. They also have the training and experience to do the job much more quicker than any homeowner could. 

This gives homeowners a chance to concentrate on the design of the bathroom. A bathroom makeover can provide a whole new feel to the room. Smart faucets and showerheads look elegant and often have water-saving features to help homeowners save money on future water bills. Storage space is another issue to consider. Smaller bathrooms may greatly benefit from a shower bath, which is a built-in shower and bathtub combo so that they can have the best of both worlds.

Bathroom renovations are especially important for older homes. Outdated fixtures may break and are less likely to save energy. A remodel also increases a home’s property value. By focusing on the bathroom instead of the job, homeowners can find the style and function that fits them best. 

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