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Ottawa Water Softener

If you have been considering installing a water softener in Ottawa but are unsure if you really need it, ask yourself the following questions. Do you like the way your water smells, tastes and looks? Does it leave stains in your plumbing fixtures? Do you treat the water in your home? Do you have to spend hundreds of dollars each year on salt and then have t lug the heavy bags into your home on a regular basis? Do you like drinking salt in your water? Do you trust your water? Conventional treatment of rural well water usually con-sists of removing hardness (calcium) or iron from the water to "soften" it. In order to do this, the water must go through a process called iron exchange. This ion exchange occurs in the water softener. Essentially the resin in the softener pick up the hardness or iron particles then releases them in the back wash cycle. There are several down sides to this type of unit. The first is that the unit needs salt in order to create the ion exchange. When the resin releases the hardness or iron during the backwash it then picks up the salt. Then when you run the water in your home and the unit picks up hardness
again, it releases salt.

This basically means that depending on the size of your "softener" you could be drinking up to 3.5 tea-spoons of salt in every gal-lon of water "softened by your system". Also, in many cases, you could require one unit for hardness and one unit for iron. Another prob-lem is that during the back-wash cycle, "softeners" dump large amounts of salt into your septic tank, killing the natural bacteria needed to break down the waste. If you have a cement tank, it destroys the tank. If the dis-charge goes into your sump, the corrosiveness of salt will shorten the life of your pump. The water is then pumped outside, killing natural vegetation.

A "softener" will backwash for approxi-mately 90 minutes, wasting between 1.5 and 3 gallons of water per minute, for about 80 minutes. Lastly "soften-ers" do nothing to protect your family from other con-taminates, such as 2,4D (herbicides), E-Coli bacte-ria, lead, arsenic and a host of other real threats in today's potable water.

Is there help? The answer is Yes!
Natures Miracle. Natures Miracle is a saltless water softener will effectively remove all of the contaminates listed above including iron, and chlorine as well as many more. Natures Miracle, also removes had taste and odours from your water. A Natures Miracle backwash cycle lasts for about 75 min-utes. When in backwash, the unit will use water at a rate of 1.5 gallons per minute for 16 minutes. This greatly reduces the amount of water and energy wasted. You can plumb the discharge from the Natures Miracle into your sump or septic tank with no adverse effects, because the unit uses much less water and no salt. Lastly, the Natures Miracle does not remove the calcium from the water. The calcium is changed from calcium bi carbonate to calcium carbonate. This makes it not only harmless to your plumbing, but will also reverse the scale build up that has occurred in your plumbing system. Now the calcium in your water is digestible by your body and good for you. Call Plumbing Now, your Natures Miracle specialist.

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