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Sump Pumps 101: What You Need to Know

Sump Pumps 101 What You Need to Know Some Blackburn homeowners may overlook the usefulness of their sump pumps if they’re functioning properly, and other homeowners don’t know what sump pumps are until a plumber recommends a sump pump installation. Whether you have a sump pump now or you may have one in the future, understanding how sump pumps work is valuable knowledge to have.

How Do Sump Pumps Work?

Sump pumps are usually required in homes that are located where flooding is prevalent, heavy rain is frequent, or the water table is high. Sump pumps serve households by preventing water damage. They’re placed into sump pits, or sump basins, underneath crawl spaces or basements, and they collect groundwater so that it doesn’t seep through the foundations of homes. Instead, the water is redirected away from the homes.

A sump pit is a hole that includes a gravel base that is 18 inches wide and 2 feet deep. A float switch turns on the sump pump when groundwater enters the sump pit. The water then travels down a pipe and away from the house, and a check valve prevents the water from flowing back into the pit.

If you own a sump pump, you may know that it operates using electric currents from your home. Your plumber may suggest installing a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) on the outlet to limit the risk of electrocution because sump pumps are usually surrounded by groundwater. Having a sump pump with a backup battery or a water-powered sump pump is encouraged if your area experiences frequent power outages because they can hinder your sump pump’s ability to redirect water away from your home.

Does Your Home Need a Sump Pump?

If you want to ensure that your home and belongings are protected from flooding and water damage, consider scheduling a sump pump installation with your plumber. You can determine if you have excess moisture in your house by taping 2-foot sections of plastic onto the floor of your home’s lowest level in several places. After a few days, check underneath the plastic, and if the floor is damp, reach out to a reputable plumber as soon as possible. Depending on the source of the moisture, a sump pump installation may be appropriate, and a skilled plumber from Plumbing Now can install the sump pump in your Blackburn home and resolve the problem quickly and effectively.

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